The calf muscle is one of the trickiest muscles to train.  I am a deep believer that many people are just blessed with good genetics, but don’t fret there are few good exercises and techniques to help make them grow.  Basically any movement where you are on your toes or raising your heels will involve the calf muscle.  Using different angles or positions is the key to what area of the calf you want to develop.  They are many parts, the main area or gastrocnemius is the one everyone sees and the largest.  Keeping a parallel stance with your feet will work the entire calf, but pointing your toes in (pigeon-toed) will develop the outer calf more, and turning your toes out will develop the large gastrocnemius the best.  There are many ways to approach training the calf muscle.  Many believe the best way is to just train as heavy as you can.  Others believe using lighter weight and performing a slow and controlled style is the way to go.  I like to mix the two depending on the day and how I feel.  I may start with a light warmup with 30-50 reps then add weight and just pump out as many as I can until failure, then come back with a lighter weight to get a good squeeze as a finisher.

Stretchy tube-lying on your back, strap the tube around your toe and squeeze out as many reps going as slow and full range of motion as you can.
Seated-The seated machine if you have access to one is the best for isolation any certain area of the calf muscle, but if you don’t have one.  Just sitting on a chair and using a phonebook or small 2x4 will work also.  The keep is to add weight or resistance.  You can hold dumbbells over your knees or get under a smith machine barbell.
Standing-the standing machine is probably the best exercise to add the most weight or resistance, but many people tend to cheat using their quads and bending their knees to show off.  Good form with a lot of weight will achieve great growth.  If you don’t have access to a machine then finding a wall with a small 2X4 you can still get good work.  To add resistance, try holding a dumbbell in the opposite hand for balance, or even a milk jug filled with water.
Leg Press-The leg press is great for isolation of one leg, especially if one calf is smaller than another.  The leg press allows full range of motion, and a great stretch and the deceleration movement.
Donkey raises-This is an old school method that is just awesome on the calves, but a little awkward. You start with our elbows resting on a medium high bench, then bend at your waist while your feet on are two 2X4 that are screwed together.  Have 1 or 2 people sit on your back then raise them up just using your calves.  Many gyms have a machine now that will take place of the person on your back.
Bicycle-If I’m being totaling honest and just my opinion, all of the above exercises are great and will build your calves, but I truly believe that riding a bike with just your toes on the pedals is the best exercise overall. I have ridden hills, trails, etc. and the burn from bike riding is like no other.  Just look at the Tour de France riders calves for proof.
Stretching-This is one of the most important parts of calf development but also one of the most missed.  I like to superset every set with a stretch.  My philosophy is that you need to stretch the fascia tissue in order to get full growth.  I like to think you stretch to grow.

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