2016 Diet and Workout 
(Used Tetris10 workout most of year, then 100 rep workout 4-5 weeks out of Universe and Olympia)

Diet- Monday-Sunday
6:30 a.m.- 40 minutes of bike, treadmill, or kinect crosstraining
8:00 a.m.- 3 egg (1 yolk), 1 MNS Max E pack, 1 Biotune, Green tea (Spark or V16 on slow days) or
           3/4 oats, 1 egg, 1 scoop muscle gain, 1tsp almond butter, walnuts or
           Spinach, carrot, banana, cinnamon, 1 scoop muscle gain protein shake.
10:00-10:30a.m.- almonds or soynuts
12:00pm- 1 can of tuna, 5 saltines, spicy mustard, vinegar
3:00p.m.-Lifting days - 321 bar or 4 crachers with almond butter, 1 packet of Spark or V16, 1 scoop Arginine EX, Mass Gain or Muscle Fuel
                        2 O2 Gold, 2 Pro-Motion, 2 Muscle Strength, 2 Catalyst, 1 MNS Max E pack.
5:00p.m.-Lifting days- PRO-20, 2 scoops of Post-Workout chocolate shake w/creatine with 2 scoops of 
                       muscle gain, 3 scoops of Rehydrate w/L-Glutamine and Glycine.

5:30p.m.- 40 minutes on the Bike	    
6:00-7:00p.m-Dinner- Can be a variety of things, also, you can mix and match as long as 
                     you have one protein, one carb, one fruit, and one vegetable, and 1/2 bag 
 	                  of ready made salad. During the offseason I will eat more pasta and rice than normal.

   Following are some examples:
   1. 2 chicken breasts, 1 cup of rice, serving of fruit and veggies
   2. 2 low-fat fish fillets, baked potato, serving of fruit and veggies
   3. 1 can of tuna or chicken, bowl of salad, serving of fruit and veggies
   4. 4oz of 4% lean beef and noodles or 2 slices of wheat bread.
   5. 2 Buffalo burgers (Costco), salad or slice wheat or whole grain.
   6. 2 Alaskan or Salmon burgers (Costco)mixed in salad.
   7. Final 2 weeks 2 Talapia fish fillets
9:00-10:00pm-Late Snack-1 tbl almond butter, 2 tbl cottage cheese, 1 tbl greek yogurt, 1 scoop Post-workout.  2 Nightime Recovery

Workout Schedule- Cardio done in morning (40m Treadmill-12m backwards) and evening (30-60 recumbent bike)
                - Bowflex workouts substituted every 3 weeks for muscle confusion)
Sunday-              Back/Biceps
 Back-   Pullups-(wide grip)- 3 sets 15,10,6 40-80lbs.
         Pullups-(close/reverse grip)- 3 sets 15,10,6 40-80lbs.
   	  Pullups-(parallel)- 3 sets 15,10,6 40-80lbs.
   	  Lying T-Bar rows- (wide grip) 3 sets 12,10,7
   	  Lying T-Bar rows- (close/reverse grip) 3 sets 12,10,7
   	  Lying T-Bar rows- (parallel grip) 3 sets 12,10,7
   	  Cable, Nautilus or DB Pullovers- 2X 15,7 
 Biceps-  Barbell Curl- 3 sets 15,10,5-8   
          Preacher Curls (EZ or 360 bar)- 3 sets 15,10,5-8   
          Incline DB Curls or reverse cable preacher-3 sets 10,6-8   
          Cable curls from above-3 sets 10,6-8   
          Seated DB Concentration curls-3 sets 10,6-8   

Monday-                 Legs
 Quads-Nautilus Leg Extensions- single 1X25-50 alternating, double 1X25-50
       Old Leg Press-4X15,12,8,5  Old Leg Press hacks-3X 15,10,7
       DB lunges, DB step-ups, DB bosu squats 40- lbs.
       TRX squats-1X30 (single, double, jumps, side jumps)
       Leg ext machine-1 set 20+ (Warmup before Quads)
       Sled-pulling and pushing 3X up and back.
 Hams-Standing straight leg deadlift (Bosu or Box)- 3 sets 15,12,8-10
       Seated Leg Curls-1 set of 20-50, single and doubles (Warmup before Quads)     
       Standing Leg Curls-1 set fo 15,12,8-10
       Nautilus Lying Leg Curls-1 set of 15-30
       Old Lying Leg Curl- 1 set of 15-30

Tuesday-Cardio/Rest AM-60 minute bike PM-60 minute bike.
Wednesday-       Shoulders/Calves/Abs
          Smith Barbell Press- 3 sets 15,12,8-10
          Hammer or Dumb Presses-3 sets 15,12,8-10
          3T- (triple threat)
          Seated Dumb side raises- 3 sets 15,10,7
          Reverse dumb raises-3 sets 15,10,7
          Standing Dumb front raises- 3 sets 15,10,7
          DB High Pulls, Arnold Press, DB shrugs-3 sets 15,10,7
  Calves- Nautilus Leg Press Machine raises- single and doubles
          Standing or seated calf raise machines- single and doubles
  Abs-    Old Nautilus crunch machine- 1 sets of 100 (front), 2 sets of 50 (side)
          New Nautilus crunch machine- 1 sets of 100
          Hanging Knee Raises- 1 set of 100
          Nautilus Side Twist Machine - 1 set of 15-30
          TRX- mountain climbers 1X100, double leg pulls 1X50-60, sides1X30, planks and pikes 3X 15-20
Thursday-Cardio/Rest AM-60 minute bike PM-60 minute bike.

Friday-                      Chest/Triceps
Chest-  Parabody Smith Incline and Flat Smith Barbell Bench Press- 3 sets 15,10,5-7
        Incline and Flat Dumb Press- 2 sets 10,6-7 
        DB supination flyes- 2 sets 12,8-10
        Finisher- Rocket Pushups (Wide and Parallel)- 1 set of failure. 
Triceps-Close Press- 3 sets 15,10,5-8
        Skull Crushers- 3 sets 15,10,5-8
        Reverse Tri Pushdowns-3 sets 10,6-8
        Rope Overhead Ext on dip bar or bench- 3 sets 10,6-8
        Rope standing cable kickbacks ext-3 sets 10,6-8

(Finishers every workout day)
 Seated Handle Incline Presses-3 sets 15,12,8-10
 Widegrip Pulldowns-3 sets 15,12,8-10
 Seated Barbell presses-3 sets 15,12,8-10
 Closegrip reverse pulldowns-3 sets 15,12,8-10
 Seated wide flyes-2 sets 12,8-10
 Widegrip rows from above-2 sets 12,8-10
 Standing flyes-2 sets 12,8-10
 Closegrip reverse rows from above-2 sets 12,8-10
   Leg extensions-3 sets 15,12,8-10
   Sissy squats from above-3 sets 15,12,8-10
   Reverse deadlifts-3 sets 15,12,8-10
   Seated Barbell crunch-3 sets 15,12,8-10
   Kneeling side crunch-2 sets 12,8-10
   Seated Handle Presses-3 sets 15,12,8-10
   Seated Handle Preacher curls-3 sets 15,12,8-10
   Standing Barbell pushdowns-3 sets 15,12,8-10
   Seated Handle side raises- 2 sets 12,8-10
   Standing or Lying Handle curls-2 sets 12,8-10
   French presses-2 sets 12,8-10
   Standing Handle reverse raises- 2 sets 12,8-10
   Seated Handle hammer curls-2 sets 12,8-10
   Seated ball/handle tri extensions- 2 sets 12,8-10
   Standing Leg Curls-3 sets 15,12,8-10
   Standing ankle ham curls-3 sets 15,12,8-10
   Hanging straight leg raises-1 set
   Standing side handle twists-1 set
Saturday/Sunday- Cardio/Rest