5 key tips for losing weight

Over the years I have fielded thousands of questions and the number one is how can I lose “x” amount of pounds in a few weeks, and of course I give my long winded lecture on diet and exercise and that I don’t believe in diets because they are short-term and that if you are going to really go for it you need to have a life style change.  Now with that being said, I also believe that there are events in our lives, such as weddings, reunions, vacations on the beach, etc. That would be nice to lose a few extra pounds before attending in order to fit into certain clothes.  So here are my top five tips that if you put together can easily drop ten or more pounds in two weeks or less depending on your discipline.  Keep in mind you do one of the five then expect only 20% efficiency, but if you can do all five, you can achieve 100% efficiency which will get you to your goal.

#1-MRP shake- Replace one of your six meals or snack meals with a meal replacement or protein shake, and my suggestion is do it for breakfast.  I use the Advocare MRP shake and everything you need is in one pack.  Mix it with ice and water, and then take your vitamins with it.  It will fill you up and easily fuel you for the next few hours with no extra calories like the garbage people put in their lattes, coffee or on their bagels.
#2-Salad-Replace one of your six meals or snack meals with a salad with no dressing unless it is salt and vinegar.  This step alone can drop hundreds of calories from your daily regimen of overeating.
#3-Apples/Water-For an afternoon snack or just before you begin to eat a larger meal have an apple or full glass of water 30 minutes before.  Studies have shown those that do will eat less food during that next meal.  I believe that it is just a trick of the mind and stomach thinking it is partially full.
#4-Clean Teeth-This is one I learned many years ago, and could be one of things from childhood, but who likes to eat after they brush their teeth or floss.  At night when my cravings get real tough to face, I will start early flossing, using the water pik, and brushing my teeth, then I know that when I do downstairs I won’t touch any food.
#5-Exercise-No matter what it is get at least 20 minutes of exercise per day.  This could be power walking, swimming, jumping jacks, jump rope, walking up and down your stairs.  One day do 100 pushups, then the next day do 100 jumping jacks, get creative and do one thing every day.  If you set aside the same time every day, for instance early in the morning after you wake up you will kick start your metabolism and wake up your body for the rest of the day. 

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